7 bad habits in toddlers

The child often develops "bad habits" as the child develops. The reason for this may be that you may not feel good about something. Bad habits are messages to the parents. It is worth keeping an eye on them.

She puts her head on a baby

Very surprising but common occurrence. Infants can be seen in 20 percent. Typically, it begins at 6 months and ends at 2-4 years. Nobody knows why, but there are a few common reasons. Sounds weird, though they soothe their heads into the baby's cuddles, some of them are also swinging to sleep. Bullying also has a slight effect on pain.
They are often observed in cases of toothache or wheezing. Even a small child in the hysterical line shakes his head to let go of his emotions, because he is not yet able to express them in words. It can also happen if you want to attract attention.
Don't scold him, don't punish him! It's too small to change its habits. Protect yourself from killing. Let's cushion your baby, because it is better for us to feel the baby safe. Make sure your baby's lips are not loose! Because self-regulating behavior rarely causes killing, it only increases as long as it is not painful. If you bump your head several times a day into the wall, to the baby's lips, or to the point of hurting yourself, there may be a more serious cause (mental disability, autism).


If the kid is scratching the gum, then most of it is afraid of something. But for other reasons, you can chew the gum. Out of curiosity or boredom to relieve tension or simply out of habit. This is most common among bad habits, and it is the one that persists most of the time in adulthood.
Let's get your hands on it. Let's give him a wisdom, a polar ball, a formable game to deal with. Always cut the gum short so that it is not duplicated. It is best not to lose awareness of the action, because this action is unconscious until we are made aware of it. Notice, because sometimes it is a distress, especially if you have other bad habits, may be a sign of tension. If you are screaming the gum so intensely that it is violating the fingers, your fingers will bleed (it will also help with your hair), talk to your pediatrician.


What is happening? Because it's out there ... The baby curious or bored, but can also occur due to stress relieving. It is also common in children with allergies and runny nose because they are constantly feeling that their noses are full. If the air in the room dries and the nasal passages dry out, it can also cause nasal cleansing. In this case, air humidification or kitchen nasal spray can help.

There is no child who does not rub his nose

Learn how to nose your handkerchief. Contrary to the condition, children do not continue to perform nasal cleansing until adulthood. Usually, you will be on your own because it's not that interesting anymore, and the rest of it is worth it.


It has a calming effect on babies, already practiced in the womb And perfect. It takes your finger if you are tired, sick, bored, or have to deal with big obstacles (witchcraft, kindergarten). This is also used during sleep. Don't worry, what comes to our minds is what happens to our little teeth, jaws, speeches.
Recent studies have shown that they can safely suck their fingers up to 5 years old. This is the time when their remaining teeth begin to fade. According to experts, the intensity of breastfeeding and the strength of the tongue influence the position of the teeth and make the adjustment of the teeth necessary.


Interestingly, there are people who never grin, some who, for a while - when the two types of teeth do not fit together - do the rest of their lives. In adults it is usually caused by stress, in small children it seems more they want to get used to the new sensationthat their teeth grew out. A squeaky toddler grits his teeth day and night, but parents tend to notice the nights because they clench their bones at night and sound better.
Dentists do not treat tooth decay in childhood, because the milk teeth fall out anyway. Teething grows when the child gets used to the newly grown teeth.


Observe hygiene rules. Let us teach you, if you drop the pacifier, it should be washed, that it should not be lent to others. Sometimes you need to make sure your pacifier is not crippled, because torn pieces can get stuck in your throat. Divert your attention, because the little kid is only cumming with boredom and bad habits. There are some kids who are dudging for their security search. If we find him afraid, let's help him formulate what his sin is. And assure us of love and grace and kisses.


The baby is full of requests. As you learn how to translate your thoughts into words, at first you will make many mistakes, and your speech will be full of breaks and grunts. It is more common if you are tired, excited or sad. This is completely normal and will soon grow.
The actual stuttering of toddlers affects 5 percent only. In this case, the first note is spoken at length: for example, sssssiker or repeats. He might open his mouth to speak, but he would get stuck before he uttered any sound. At the same time, we can see the tension on the face and jaws, and suddenly look at the eyes. There is nothing stuttering about stamina, and not necessarily a psychological problem in the backyard. Tension, anxiety (moving, new community) can worsen stuttering, but they are not the cause. How can we help our child?
Vбrjunk. Not only do small children stutter, but adults also stutter when they are excited, angry, ill-tempered or exhausted. If the little one stutter only in such cases, and only slightly, do not worry, because it will outgrow how you get into your speech. In more serious cases, however, we should start talking therapy as soon as possible.
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