Why are mothers more stressful in parenting?

For this, men would surely choose what women are stressed about anyway, right? I think we have other options at our disposal.

My mother has more pressure

But let's admit that it is reassuring, and perhaps our conscience is slightly relaxed, that we are not alone in this sensation. But what exactly is the reason? Why are we stressed more about parenting requests than men? Kelly Musick, a co-professor at Cornel University in Ithaca, says we have a greater burden on dads as we raise our children. A 2010 йs 2013 kцzцtt zajlу, цsszesen 12,000 US csalбdot megkйrdeztйk vizsgбlу felmйrйsben the szьlхket, apбkat йs anyбkat kьlцn-kьlцn, conducted what tevйkenysйget children a day hбrom egymбstуl fьggetlen idхpontjбban, йs kiйrtйkeltettйk velьk, this is how цrцmet, fбradtsбgot bad mood or йppen stress They then compared how parents perceived themselves with their children during this time and how they performed similar activities without their children. The study showed that parents they spend much more time with their childrenwhile daily activities such as cooking, cleaning and, most importantly, parenting, need to be done, even though most of the time spent with children by their father is spent on and off. In addition, moms are basically they take a bigger share out of parenting, Often come up йjszaka the children йs less idejьk get цnmagukra, kikapcsolуdбsra.A szьlхi nyilatkozatokbуl also kiderьlt that anyukбk бltalбnossбgban azйrt vбllalnak tцbbet elvйgzйsйbхl everyday szьlхi jobs as they struggle to meet the tбrsadalmi elvбrбsoknak. "Szociolуguskйnt хszintйn remйlem that kцzeljцvхben we have the opportunity to develop in society parental stereotype In rethinking, maternal and paternal actors will be able to function in a more harmonious unity in the future, "said Kelly Musick.
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