Mosу Masa babies

The jedi also cooked the pelus in pots, the granny used the washing machine to fight the whites, the automatic washing machine for you. It's a lot easier for you, but with a few tips we can help.

Mosу Masa babies

Infant dressed in a white coat, a light pink baby bootie, ironed canvas, your baby look glittering into this beautiful new world. Nowadays, fashion is more and more like little babies, most of them in fun, colorful things, and they look almost like a little adult. Hippie cooking time is over, but we still need to pay attention to hygiene today.

Nice detergent

Baby's underwear in the early days It is worth washing outdoorsif you use another "traditional" detergent. The little one Your skin is sensitive can be for these substances, it is better to have a laundry, a bath, a soap, a bio detergent or a formula for sensitive skin odorless detergent You can also buy organic, organic stain removers that are made from natural ingredients. You do not bombard your child's skin with chemicals. There are soap and bottle versions (brush heads). Whatever you choose, you will not get rubbing. It's okay to clean all your family's clothes with these alternatives, since everyone is better off with less chemicals on the skin. The Using a rinse aid is better for you to quit, the newborn is sensitive to this as well. In addition, the intense fragrance can be punished by the strong scents, whether on your own or on your own. It will be softer for clothes without rinse aid if you add a few drops of vinegar to the wash rinse container. Don't worry, the vinegar smell disappears without a trace.

Instead of Fuchsia

Wash your baby's clothes at 60 degrees for perfect purity, and you can be sure that the critters will not survive if they are kept within this temperature range. If you would szьksйg tovбbbi fertхtlenнtйsre medical advice, if pйldбul szбjpenйsz, atkбs fertхzйs or mбs йlхskцdх mutathatу csalбdtagnбl one out, you can set the kegyelemdцfйst vasalбssal the legkitartуbb baktйriumoknak, gombбknak, йlхskцdхknek.Az vinegar is jуl fertхtlenнt, йs termйszetes times, does not burden the small tehбt You can also use vinegar to soak up the pots in the stain, and do a good job of rinsing them.

To keep the color color

Well, if you know, textiles that seem plausible at the recommended sixty degrees can lower the color. If you have the patience and enough to put together a bunch of clothes of a certain color, a good solution is to choose one. In most families, the most distinctive is the white, black and colored heaps, which carries the risk of catching one of your companions through the colored clothes. The risk is increased if, after a sleepless night, the child untangles his / her red socks with his / her white, so daddy does not want to play tennis in pink socks (he does not even dare to underwear). you wash the affected clothes with white (before you soak it), but there are times when it also goes bankrupt. It is important that you do not wash the discolored clothes at high temperatures again, because you are just wearing the unwanted paint! Preventively, you can use color-coded cloths, which absorb the "runaway" clothes paint, and even the dirty part.