Effective protection against upper respiratory diseases (X)

With the help of a new method, we can protect our health more efficiently with a number of upper respiratory illnesses, such as. for example, inflammation of the throat, flu, or once the disease has developed, we can accelerate healing.

The medical discovery of the believer is LGG (Lactobacilus GG), a fun bacillus that has opened a new chapter in the fight against upper respiratory diseases. We have been given the opportunity to significantly reduce the chance of catching cold, flu, and sore throats, for example.Getting to know the fun bacillus began in the early 1900s, when a Russian scholar named Mechnikov observed that people in the Caucasus were living longer and healthier lives. This is explained by the fact that many Lactobacillus-containing fermented dairy products (such as acidified sheep's milk) are consumed there, which reduces the number of germs. Mechnykov was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1908 for his examination of immunity. After decades of long research work, two American scientists have succeeded in identifying a particularly useful breed of Lactobacillus, LGG. Since then, the discovery of the fun bacillus has been the subject of several scientific articles based on several hundred clinical trials. According to one study, those who received LGG on a regular basis were less likely to be ill, and so were less likely to suffer from LGG than their non-LGG counterparts. If they were infected, the course of the disease was milder and they healed faster. Occasionally, these events were less likely to occur (such as middle, frontal, and facial inflammation) and less frequently required for antibiotic treatment. LGG has also proven to be extremely effective in adults. In a Swiss study, taking it reduced the incidence of goiter bacteria in patients' noses. The results are so convincing that in the LGG country there is now a health care active. Thousands of thousands of adults and children in Hungary, and many have attributed it to a significantly less common or less common immune system. However, , dr. Zsilinszky Zsuzsanna Füll-nose-head physician. - Illness develops only when they multiply so much that the immune system is unable to protect the body.
LGG has a three-fold mechanism of action to help protect the body and fight against the multiplication of germs: parts are killed, 3. they prevent the bacteria that cause the disease from settling on certain parts of the body, so they are eliminated earlier. As a result of these effects, infections are less likely to multiply in the body and cause disease.
It has been known that vitamins and substances are essential for the healthy functioning of the body. Combined with LGG, you can fight diseases even more effectively. You can also get a Multi-tabs Immuno drug in pharmacies that contains high amounts of LGG in addition to vitamins and minerals.