Esther's Diary - Week 32Messages and Maceros

A growing abdomen can sometimes induce women into quite interesting forms of movement. Read Esther's Experience!

Photograph: Bbcsi Rуbert Lbszlou

Get out of bed. It's an increasingly complicated operation. I do not know if you are most like a large cellar beetle or a turtle, when I try to put my foot on the floor, crawling on the back of my bed. Macerabs. Like more and more peeing every night! I'm frightened, so sleepy, but my poor bladder wakes me up! Worse than the wakeboard during the school season, though I really hated it. Goodbye, it's getting rancid, women have to crawl heavily past, up and down on the couch, like a big, oblivious mom who can't breathe if not expanded.
However, it is quite uncomfortable, sometimes I want to be able to lie down on a rolling table and someone to sit. It would be a terrible thing, crying here, though I know how comfortable it would be ... mom-mobile. I spend most of my time in Balatonszemes with my parents, who are very good heads, because all my lightness is covered. I have never been indulged, and now I am increasingly frightened ... Bicycles in Budapest are being taken up for cycling, unfortunately I cannot ride my cozy peasant with our 28s, because they are too tall, so my father if you suddenly have to stop. Even so, I can go and have fun with the mules, walking outside by myself. I'm not saying that I don't feel the extra 8 kilos on the campsite, my butt is almost purple, so it squeezes on the saddle, and I have to keep my belly slightly underneath. But still much better than walking! And it's safe on the shore as well. That's why we come to the mule for water because it quickly dips into the water, which is an advantage, but it is a drawback to get into the water on the rocks. But this is solved too, from the front of my father, my body, and my mother from the back, we are chattering, crying over the poins for a crane to pull a snail or a hitch… Hahha. Men who were never pregnant. And spring is the best thing to get pregnant !!! The real no-load lead. The victory of gravity is the choice of the wretched. You just don't have to go out ... on my first landing I suddenly pulled together, didn't count on such a weight, then I really felt how much extra I was carrying. Barni loves water, I feel it. When I sleep in Balchi, I feel that I am in the best place possible.
We watched the movie The Amusement movie at the Cinemas. He didn't have many choices, horror-terror-drama-thrillers can't come because I'm scared more than ever. However, I only hunt movies like this in the future because I like to shudder, but I don't want to scream at the cinema because of the more powerful sound effects and I don't want to saddle Barni either. What's left of non-sticky romance or hard-to-find comedy? This movie is the last one, in principle, I say, because it succeeded in producing some kind of forced American humor, but fortunately it was watchable, and even on the second side of the film, where it led to the birth of different types of women. Somehow I want to be born like the Barbie baby chick who gave birth and was outside. But a movie, a book, an article, a friend and peeing, it's just hard to believe that the event you are about to die, the origin, the decision, the pain, the horror, will soon be here. So who can understand this this fall? Who can understand this when my own mother smiles sometimes that she simply does not believe that when I come down to Lake Balaton the closest I will have a baby in my arms. The day will soon come when everything will be different, we'll jump into the gym with Géza, and we'll drift in sliders. These are things that simply happen to us, even when we are afraid or unafraid, we do it simply because we have to do it, stand on the trampoline, and jump, We're in the egg, but we'll do it. What a sensation if you have done well! Because what are the hard things in life after all? Hatбrfeszegetйs? Kihнvбs? Edzхdйs? Цnismeret? Get the best out of us. Do your best. There is no point in it.