Oil-based impurities have been detected in infant milk powder

A Western European study found crude oil contaminants in baby milk powder, the Foodwatch International Food Consortium said.

According to a report from a Berlin-based NGO, laboratory tests revealed the presence of petroleum-derived aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) in products marketed in Germany, France and the Netherlands.Oil contamination detected in baby milk powder (photo: iStock) The polluter Nestlé, Danone, Novalac, Neolac, Hero Baby and Nutrilon were found in certain baby milk powder products. Foodwatch has called on companies to withdraw contaminated products and alert consumers. Half of the samples analyzed showed MOAH contamination. Foodwatch pointed out that these substances they can be cancerous and genotoxic, Mйg no rцgzнtett jogszabбlyban egйszsйgьgyi hatбrйrtйk, which would put gбtat йlelmiszeripari hasznбlatuknak.Kifejtettйk that all the fajtбjбnбl kхolaj eredetы szennyezettsйgek be introduced hatбrйrtйkeket, йs the kьlцnцsen veszйlyes MOAH-szennyezettsйg esetйben the zйrу tolerance elvйt be йrvйnyesнteni. It has been added that contamination is often caused by the packaging process, and this is suspected to be caused by infant milk powder as well. It has been emphasized that such substances have no place in food, especially in infant formulas. Only products that parents and folks should know for sure that they do not cause health hazards should be marketed - Matthias Wolfschmidt, Foodwatch's International Campaign Director.