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In a family, it means immeasurable happiness when it comes to discovering that excess is an accident. Whether they are expecting their first or even more children, the couple is in a harmonious relationship for nine months - including in sexuality. And then come the Beliefs…

Sex during pregnancy

Is it possible to have sex before and after the test? According to some traffic, the sex drive of women changes during the nine months of pregnancy. In this case, the changes that occur in the female body also affect the relationship to sex. Beliefs and beliefs also affect how couples' sexual activity, passion after fatherhood changes. From these rarely asked questions, we also suggest that pregnancy triggers the sexual fantasy of couples.

You have to stay loving

Blessed sex gradually decreases in blasphemous condition, but it is noticeable in a smaller group of pregnant women. During the nine months, sexual dysfunctions are common, and many people find it difficult to have sex with the fetus. The functioning of the male sex stimuli has not been clarified in this situation either. We also talked about these dr. With Severin Peter, associate professor at the Medical and Health Center and Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Debrecen.What are the characteristics of a woman's and a man's sex during pregnancy, how does libido work?
- The term "libidou" is increasingly used in the language and in the literature. Although this is a classic concept of morphology, it is very difficult to determine exactly what it is today. You mean lucidity. Synonyms for this are often heard in the genital appendix, the genital appendix, the genital genitalia. The latter means rather a certain amount of energy, power, which produces a certain form of behavior. However, here you are not just about sexual behavior.Let's keep it a sex drive: will the blessed state change in nine months?
- To put it simply, I can say that sex desire gradually diminishes among pregnant women. As the chart progresses, the decline is becoming more pronounced. This is typical of the majority of the good women, and it is independent of everything else.However, in a small group of people, sexual desire is enhanced, but this growth only extends to some sections of the status. Nine months of waiting are divided into three thirds, trimesters. Observations suggest that there may be an increase in sexual desire in each trimester, but this is only transient. Literature observations generally mention the middle third, that is, the change that can be considered positive, the increase in sex loss is observed mainly in the middle stages of pregnancy. However, it should be emphasized that not all researchers have confirmed this.Do Women Have To Have Sexual Decline In Women Who Have To Have Curiosity?
- No. Decline, a reversal of negative direction, is also common in normal, healthy pregnancies. It is a matter of this state of affairs, so it does not mean anything, nor does it mean that the power of love, of love, has diminished.What about the men? In what direction does their sex urge change?
- It is more difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this request. Unfortunately, the profession does little to address male changes, although they are certainly important. Physical, hormonal changes associated with the condition are less likely to affect men. Accordingly, sexual desire changes are less likely to occur.According to a survey conducted by us, 42 percent of women felt that their partner's sexual behavior had changed within nine months. According to women, the sexual desire of a partner decreased in 22 percent of cases, and only 7 percent thought that her partner's sexual desire had increased during that time.Couples often have a common sense of humor that can be noticed in sex. This means that similar pairs of emotional changes occur in pairs. For example, the value and content of the fears related to the condition, parenting, are roughly aligned. Similarly, sex also changes in sex, sexual desire, and the ability to resist. This emotional consonance can also be interpreted.How do the changes that occur in women's body over the course of nine months affect their relationship to sexuality?
- In addition to physiological changes, there may also be physical changes that are unhealthy from the point of view of sexual life. But after all, illness has a negative effect on sexual intercourse. The request is also important from another point of view.Healthy physiological changes during pregnancy also affect the relationship to sexuality in the childbirth itself. We also know that sexual disorders are common during the post-natal period or after birth. Physical (biological, hormonal) and polytopic factors play a role. Because of the significant changes that have taken place, the couple will have to start having sex almost again. Often, even after sex has remained a harmonious source of sex for the next nine months, and after childbirth, there are often rapid physical changes that need to be taken into consideration and adapted to. Not only is the man and the woman there, there is also the doll. The double relationship became a triple relationship, besides the female-male relationship, the parent-child relationship also appeared. Ideally, women can keep a balance between the child and the partner.Many women think after childbirth that they need to turn all their time and energy and love towards the baby because it is their job. This is not a good idea, because the partner is lost. Don't forget the hairdresser! In other words, women must not only be mothers, but also remain "lovers", sexual partners. It is necessary to reconcile the maternal and parent tasks with the relationship functions.Does the body affect female orgasm in any way?
- When analyzing the influence of sex on the baby and sex, there are basically two questions: How does it affect sexual function and does it have an unfavorable effect on the level of sexual activity? Sexual activity can generally be characterized by sexual desire, frequent sexual activity, and orgasmic ability. These pointers are also good at communicating, Yeah. however, sexual games are much more colorful and varied. There are many subtle moments that are not measurable, but they are very important because they have a significant impact on your livelihood. It has been mentioned that the sex drive is often reduced during the course of the test. In conjunction with this, observers suggest that the frequency of convergence and the ability to respond are decreasing. The decrease can be explained by the characteristic physical and hormonal changes, and the role of the psychological and emotional factors is also significant. For couples who are harmonious before the condition, both have a positive, satisfying sex, there is likely to be less of a negative effect on pregnancy. The quality of the sexual intercourse that precedes it is a very important factor in making changes over a period of nine months. There is also an observation that the undercurrent of the organs in the pelvis, the tissue below the vagina, enhances sexual pleasure, the desire for orgasm.Does having sex under the condition increase your chances of having a pregnancy?
- The basic question is whether sex can be unfavorable to pregnancy. By itself, normal sexual activity, considered to be average, certainly has no adverse effect. The same applies to sex as to the other: you have to leave out the breadth. For example, if you are a female athlete, you will need to reduce your training dose and enter into unintended competitions. If someone is doing heavy manual work or working night shifts, he or she should be removed from the job. Likewise, if there is some sex in the sexual relationship, which means more stress than average, you should give up.When is It Not Advised to Live Sexual Life?
- In two cases, death can be dangerous: threatening miscarriage and threatening premature birth, ie bleeding and abdominal pain. In such cases, it is really justified and necessary to temporarily suspend sex or consult a physician. Doctors easily forbid sex and then occasionally forget about the ban. If the woman has become complaints-free, and the doctor has not lifted the ban, do not be a couple, ask your doctor again.What are the most common questions asked by couples about this topic? In general, is it typical that the expert opinion is dispelled?
- Unfortunately, I find that the subject is still taboo. Pregnant women, doctors, and nurses also do not talk enough about sexual changes during pregnancy, about possible worries. There was no change in this area in the past ten to fifteen years. We recently conducted a survey in the post-natal period. One of the inquiries was about who the woman was talking to about her sex drive during pregnancy. We received the following answers: 49 percent talked with your husband, 11 percent with your doctor, 6 percent with your nurse, and 14 percent with the other person. So, more than 20 percent of women cannot discuss any difficulties with their partner. Pregnant women and pregnant women talk a little about this. However, doctors rarely start talking about sexual intercourse. We also asked the women why they did not talk to the doctor and received the following characteristic answers: in the care the situation was not suitable, I did not dare to ask the question, I felt that the .What do you warn couples to do when it comes to sex?
- Most important is peer-to-peer monitoring, signaling, and feedback in many other gestures and gestures, during and after sexual activity. If the couple deals with these requests and tries to adapt to the changed circumstances, it can be beneficial for them. Related articles:
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