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Do you really need a baby ID card?

Certainly, it is mandatory for newborns to produce a certificate.

It is good for new parents to know that according to a regulation issued in 2009, newborns should also be issued a certificate. If you look at, it is clear that every Hungarian citizen is required to have a valid identity card, ie for babies. This can be a personal ID card or a Letter of Letters or, later, a license. The legislator does not exactly decide which one to choose, that is we are free to choose between your personal identity card and your letter for children under 14.

Do you really need a baby ID card?

Parents have the advantage that they do not have to wait for their baby to have their time with the school because they are not obligated to show up to children under the age of 12. In this case, it is sufficient for parents to bring a passport with them, but be aware that children over the age of 12 must carry the child with them.

Can they punish you for lack?

From time to time, parents who do not make a certificate for their baby can also get a cash grant. We have a good idea, because it is not, at least not exactly. The authorities are patient in that, for the first time, they only warn of failure. However, it is not a good idea to postpone the preparation of your ID card, as if you receive more than one time, it may end up being a rule-making process.Related Articles:
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