How do you care for stem cells?

I paid it, took it, took it, but how next? What happens to stem cells until they are used?

The kit is shipped to an external laboratory subject to stringent safety standards, using state-of-the-art processing, cell separation procedures recognized by the European Union. In the Central Laboratory, the processing of the sample is immediately discontinued and the sample is stored for a long time immediately after its arrival. The work is done in a laboratory with a 24-hour security system. The sample is processed and stored in a closed, ultra-sterile manner, in accordance with the highest international quality standards. Only authorized personnel may enter the lab. For security reasons, the local area is kept under surveillance all day.

What's in it?

The blood test routine is used to exclude the possibility of contamination of the sample. The result of the test can exclude with absolute certainty that the sample is infected with HIV, syphilis, cytomegalovirus, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C. When a genitive is processed, it is subjected to multiple examinations. Examine for goiter or contamination and test for viability of stem cells. Further inquiries are only made at the request and permission of the customer. A test sample (so-called tester unit) is stored along with each sample taken. Stem cells will not be released without the explicit consent of the owner of the specimen or his / her representative.

Who's the pattern?

Until the child reaches the age of custody, the guardian parents have control over the pattern. After the age of grandfather, the child has the right to dispose of it. Any directional use of the sample requires the express consent of the stem cell owner or his / her legal representative.