Banding or babies in fraternity

Letting a bunch of kids into the family of decoys is no small business. The unanimity of weekdays is over, we can have fun with our mothers, and the little band can play in a new, stimulating environment.

Banding - baby brotherhood

When Andi gave birth to her baby girl, she felt what the majority of first-born children had in mind: someone who had limited her freedom to hundreds of times had entered the picture.
- I lost my daily life, my middle class, and because of the winter season, I was completely stranded in the middle of the wall - tell me Andrea Krausz, the mother of two-year-old Lili and two-year-old Gergh. - Yeah meant a real upheaval to meet the mates in the apartment parkand then come together. I have made some friendships with a few, and we are together regularly during the day. They are looking for meaningful mothers who have the same problems and similar concerns as me, both in the field of marriage, parenting and work. We respect and respect each other's privacy and financial opportunities, and politics are simply taboo. Andi's partner, Sigismund, also says that her lover is not alone, has a good time with her skin. So when you get home from work, you don't waste your whole day.
-On our son, Gergh, I see how fast he grows, trying to imitate the big ones who are after them, says the father.
The ever-smiling Andi doesn't mind the upheaval, for her the annoying social life and the cheerful kid's noise overwhelm her. Of course, the congregations are not without noise.
- It's hard for me to bear, if the children are stinging, screaming, or stubborn, I always intervene. We are tacitly agreeing that everyone should discipline their own seedling, but if I have to give birth to a small child, I treat him like a male egg so that I will not forgive him or her.
We accept up to four children at a time, a number that still does not occur at the bottom of our lives. And with the rest of the mother, we call for a mutual recall of each other. We observed that the little ones were most liberated when they were invited. Vernaculars are always a little anxious because they guard their gaming empire.

My house is my castle

Every family has rules. Some that are incapable of being overcome and others that are worthy of a flexible approach. If we do not want to feel that our brothers and sisters can do anything with us and our homes, we can kindly and politely lay down rules we will not allow. For example, they may have to take off their shoes or they may not be able to jump on their spouse, says psychologist Tamás Kovács. -
If your mother's ideas are different from ours, it's worth saying something like, "I do this way ..." and then finish "how interesting you are." They want to avoid conflict and feel sorry for the other.
The specialist encourages us to be consistent. If our seedling is not allowed to play in our study room, we should not allow others. However, it is not the purpose of showing us that nothing is free. We welcome the company flexibly, openly, and friendly, as we give our children a sample in this field as well. We are out of touch with the trick of making connections.

Organization of time and space

Children will not be unforgettable in having all the nooks and crannies. We may designate an area where we pack the games or valuables that are important to us or may be damaged. We can show it to the little ones, so it is less curious and easier to accept the ban.
It's also a good idea to gently clarify how much time we have together when it comes to dining, sleeping, or having dinner in the evening, bathing, laying the kids.
It matters a little to see what your friend's room looks like, what toys they have, whether they can play with the coolest car or baby. A sea of ​​stimuli can dominate them in abundance, and if you just play for free, the boundaries can easily dissolve. In order to avoid being tired and exhausted, you need enough permissive and flexible, but giving you a framework. Filled cubs may be designed to allow parents and children to freely talk and play, It is also worthwhile to think of and implement common activities that can help your little ones relax explains the psychologist.

Your other child

Dilemma's dilemma whether we can count on the light of another's eyes, because we, too, don't like it if another mother tries to educate us. We cannot be inactive in situations where the light is endangering our own or others' physical imagery or doing something that causes us serious loss of value. In each of these situations, reflect on the child's condition and share his or her senses. For example, we can cry when our little crystal is clutched by two little paws: "I see how you like this glass, but I have to ask you because it would be very sad to break it."

Let's be lenient!

It may happen that April is very exciting in its tuned state, but the content of the games is significant. Such is when they completely fall in love with a role, they lose sight of the world, and they are temporarily out of place. No matter how loud, let them fly freely in their fantasy realm.
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