Baby is dangerous!

We think the baby is safe in the presence of a rod. This can be true even if you pay attention to the most important safety aspects when buying your baby.

Statistics show that the rate of injuries in the child is alarmingly high, but with a few safety measures we can make our child rest more safely. Dr. Gary Smith, director of the CIRP at the National Children's Hospital of Ohio (CIRP) and researcher, noted that astonishingly many more than 11 million babies have died in the past year!

A baby is a convertible baby according to your changing needs

CIRP staff have collected the most important safety aspects that you should keep in mind before buying a baby:
- Choose with care! Be sure to buy a baby that conforms to the most up-to-date safety standards, and be careful not to project parts. Look for the security standard mark on the label of the product.
- Choose the right size, solid mattress for the bed! There should be no empty space between the mattress and the sides of the bed. Being able to insert two fingers between the bed and the mattress means that you need a larger mattress.
- The distance between the rails of the bed should not be more than 6 centimeters! The baby's head can be easily trapped between the cot, if the distance is greater.
- Do not put pillows, blankets or stuff on the bed! A smooth-looking, blank baby is the best solution. Put the baby in a warm outfit or give her a pillow instead of a blanket.
- Take off the suspended movable games before they become dangerous! Once your child learns to become more alert or has gone 5 months, it is worth dismantling the fun games.

Only in the first few months is the sidecar a good solution

- Turn down the mattress when the child learns to stop. The side of the bed should be at least 66 centimeters high to prevent the child from falling out accidentally. This is easier than you think! As soon as the little one can stand up, he can lift himself up to the top of the grid, then flinch forward, and fall to the ground upside down.
- Pay attention to when the child grows up in the bed! This usually occurs when the child reaches a height of 89 centimeters, but it is best to check the baby's instructions for use.