Get to know each other

The babies that their mothers regularly "talk to" develop better than those who, in relative isolation, "only grow" there.

Get to know each other

"Talking" mothers are also less worried, anxious than those whose babies are mysterious, mysterious, and really only try to connect with you after your baby is born. it backs up the baby's existence, it gives him a sense of enlightenment, helps him to awaken in consciousness, in the form of his own psyche, his self.

Definite touches

Marie Busnel A French acoustic physiologist has shown that babies respond selectively to their mothers 'inner voice, and even to their mothers' thoughts about them. THE haptonomy, the touch science this is dealt with in detail. Touch establishes a sense of vulnerability, intimacy, security, confidence, defensiveness. If you stroke the doll across the stomach and play with it, We affirm it emotionally in existence, in acceptability. It is important to think here that we, as adults, need a basic sense of acceptance, inclusion, recognition. it is important for the uber uber to receive an emotional confirmation from the parents that they need it, they love it, it is important, it is important to them. With such a loving-loving backdrop, you will not suddenly have a baby. The baby will not make you feel insignificant, one that no one needs, so there is nothing to live for.

Supported by time

We know that in maternal-fetal relationship development a zenehallgatбs it is a time-honored great for emotional and intellectual development. The world of rhythm is a great personal organizing and developing force. We can also mention rocking as a rhythmic, rocking "training". Segнtsйgйvel biztosнthatjuk gyermekьnk egyensъlyi szervйnek (vesztibulбris rendszerйnek) kellх fejlettsйgйt, йrettsйgйt, thus elхzhetjьk the hipermotilitбs (tъlmozgбs) kialakulбsбt the koncentrбciуs zavarokat.Ezek kцvetkezmйnye kйsхbb school teljesнtmйny csцkkenйse the kudarcйlmйnyek, цnйrtйkelйs the disturbance, which szбmos problйma contact, conflict can be a source of psychic symptoms. Much of the support and development of baby exercises is mechanical. You may have removed the internal speech.
When Dr. Hidas and I developed the maternal-fetal relationship analysis method in the mid-nineties, our only purpose at that time was to prevent the development of serious mental illnesses such as polio. Today, we are well aware that these diseases develop in the lifetime of the uterus. This is how we started out. The first mothers came in who consciously contacted and made contact with their baby with the help of relationship analysis. Slowly, our statistics began to develop so that from the previous birth, there were no premature births, even twins, and there were hardly any birth complications. The mothers dealt with their babies as if they had done them for years. babies born from relationship analysis are more balanced, calmer, more communicative with their peers. It is perhaps superfluous to say how much easier it is for a baby who cares for everything and how much easier it is for a baby who cares about everything in the world around him. We have found such benefits with a few years of experience with these dolls and their parents.

You're in trouble…

Halfway through the nineties, the first child born from relationship analysis put her foot in school. He hadn't gone to his wits before. (Arrull is about a young man whose mother I conceived, I am a cow - Talking to the baby in my mother's book gives a brief description of her condition.) it is the turn of the contemporaries how they feel in their company. The owls are stuck with breath. This has not been heard by the kindergarten since the first day of a three-year-old boy inquiring about other people's feelings about him. Under normal circumstances, our children attain the level of maturity in their teens to attach importance and recognition to the other in addition to their own emotional state.