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Playful parents will not have anxiety over their child

Parents who often play with, play in, or wrestle with their children will, on a large scale, help them prevent anxiety problems.

According to a recent Austrian study, parents' behavior has an impact on how stressful or anxious their children are during their early school years, moms and dads who are his. kihнvбst elхnyben rйszesнtх szьlхi viselkedйsi formбt alkalmaztбk, the children were more kevйsbй szorongуk the tцbbieknйl.Korбbbi kutatбsok you have already bizonyнtottбk that tъlaggуdбs йs the helikopterszьlхsйg egyйrtelmыen nцvelheti one vezetхje prone children kockбzatkerьlйsre, aggуdбsra magatartбsбt.A kutatбs, Rebecca Lazarus Parental behavior that encourages physical challenge (eg wrestling), encourages fearfulness, risk-taking, little ones can face risky, challenging situations within safe frames says Lazarus. The first to be scary? By re-experiencing seeming situations, we learn that they are able to cope with these situations on their own, so they will be more courageous, more confident. It sends the message to the child that the world is a terrifying, dangerous place to protect themselves.

What does this mean in practice?

- There might be a situation where our kid is afraid of something, like a dog in the park. At this point, can we show him nothing to be afraid of by letting him sniff our hand? says Lazarus.Parents who play will not have kids who are anxious. We can play them a race or encourage them to try out some team sports. These are all subtle, safe ways for a child to experience the sensation of losing.Labarus Lazarus and his research associates clearly recommend this type to parents relaxed, provocative behavior, further research is needed to unambiguously apply this to the treatment of anxiety in children.Other Interesting Articles in Parenting: