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To drink, but what and how much?

The topic of drinking is still very problematic for adults. What to drink, how much to drink, why drink? Children, in the summer months, should pay special attention to the water that is collected in the body during the cold season.

To drink, but what and how much?

Our body is more than half the weight of water. Adult males generally have 60 percent, females 50 percent, and infants 70 percent. THE there is no life without water, this is one of our basic beliefs. Even without food, it can be 4-6 weeks, and only a few days without water. We need to be more committed to our children in the summer they drink enough liquid. A toddler needs 1.2 to 2 liters of fluids between 1-3 years on warm, canyon days, but this also includes the amount of fluids in foods. Liquid diet is influenced not only by age, but also by intense exercise, running, and food content. Even in case of illness, it is recommended that you drink more fluids so that your child does not dry out.
Failure to do so can cause a number of health problems for the little one. But what do we need to pay attention to?

Yeah, but smart

Our children are fluent in a szomjoltбs be the most important aspect. Do not waste your meal, do not contain empty, excess calories! There are a lot of stores candied donuts you can buy, the heart is lined up on the shelves in every color. These drinks, in addition to being high in sugar and causing damage to the body, relieve thirst less than water. Luckily in Hungary Exceptional quality water flows from the tapso if you want to be caring and attentive parents at the same time and do not pollute our environment unnecessarily with plastic bottles of fresh water bottles, feel free to drink from the tap at your home. . But we can surprise the family by putting the water in the fridge and dripping a little lemon on it to make a real, sour poppy fridge. However, we do not recommend that you be put in the doldrums or too many ice cubes put them in glasses because excessively cold fluids can easily "boil" a child's throat and cause illnesses.

Don't just drink, let's drink!

Daily fluid intake not just with water can be assured. Don't force the drinking, don't run around with your baby water bottles all the time! There are foods that contain a lot of water. There are especially high-water fruits that make the child less thirsty during the day. If yellow melon, roll, applesuch as cranberries or peaches in the sun, not only will they avoid littering, but they will also be healthy little iron rings.
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