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That's why you should continue breastfeeding after 6 months

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That's why you should continue breastfeeding after 6 monthsIn many cases, breastfeeding is a decision to make, but one thing is for sure: There are many benefits to staying with it for as long as possible. One such thing is that it contains antibodies that protect the baby against infections and diseases. And not only for 6 months, while in principle "exclusive" breastfeeding is required, but as long as we do not stop breastfeeding. Ashlee Chase also a photo you posted on Facebook. There are two breast milk bags in the cap, filled with 3 days difference, but the colors are quite different. Ashlee milked white breast milk when Audrey, her seven-day-old baby was still healthy, and the heavier when her baby was sick and breastfeeding proved to be the only thing she could do to calm her down. It's interesting that Ashlee's older baby became ill at that time, Peyton also with high fever and throat. The American mother's goal in photo-posting was to finally give everyone the answer to the question of why she was always breastfeeding her baby. Although he knew that breast milk color could change for a variety of reasons, he asked his pediatrician if he could give yellow milk to Audrey. The doctor's answer was that the breast to help the baby fight the virus. " There is nothing more demonstrating its effectiveness and validity than Ashlee's breastfeeding baby having a little fever and a runny nose, while a non-breastfeeding bigger baby has been ill for a week.Related articles in breast milk:
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