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The closed stem cell bank bombards its clients with leaves

The unpredictable stem cell bank is bombarded with leaves to pry out its lost clients and to extort money. The police are investigating allegations of illicit use of the human body.

The closed stem cell bank bombards its clients with leavesIn June, the Index gave the news that Cry-Save's Hungarian title was unimaginable. It was revealed later that one of the employees of the company shifted from one day to another because they had not received their salary. Now arrуl szбmolnak announce that bombбzza ьgyfeleit the cйg letters:. "Dear Szьlхk Tбjйkoztatjuk to rendszerьnk regisztrбlt kйsedelmes befizetйseket Mellйkelten web link fizetйsi emlйkeztetхnket Kйrjьk, mielхbb rendezzйk fennбllу tartozбsukat its йrdekйben to elkerьljйk jбrу the kйsedelmes fizetйssel interest йs adminisztrбciуs dнj £ 15,750. cost "- this is the email Attila received after the letter was received. According to the information attached to the letter, Attila is owed $ 150. He was also surprised by the fact that he had agreed with Cryo-Save that his baby had to be donated to the stem cell bank, and that he would not pay in full for the service. The final question is how the $ 150 will become $ 15,750. The letter was sent not by the Hungarian company Cryo-Save, but by the Swiss company after the Hungarian book was taken over, not communicating with his clients. Not only is the Hungarian company out of office, but on Wednesday they unpacked their office, they dropped their books - according to the Index.Little Day Attila received another email from the same Swiss company. With a strange Hungarian, probably a translation program, he is happy to inform Attila that Cryo-Save AG has new contacts. However, no one can be contacted on the phone numbers provided.
Previously, FamiCord, a former partner of Cyro-Save, the parent company of the Krio Institute, had communicated that the stem cell bank was swapped with its clients in FamiCord's Polish stem cell bank. Attila, however, failed to provide her identification information on the FamiCord website, and has not been informed of what her child's sample is. You do not know who the sample is, or whether you are redeeming money. Between the police investigating suspected illicit use of the human body FamiCord's website says that customers will have to wait up to 6 weeks for a response and will not start answering until September.
According to FamiCord, Cryo-Save has accepted the samples, but that does not mean that Cryo-Save's clients have been "accepted", nor that all samples have been received. FamiCord only knows that you have received samples, but it is not required for any other requests, you can contact Cryo-Save for any other requests. Which company is unpredictable.
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