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Yoga with the kid

"Family yoga is a great tool for thinking about the parent-child relationship, and we can also learn a lot from the kids."

Anita of Hidvégi-Révys yoga and kid yoga instructor, body.Log.Jogic Center I asked about family and childrens, after the leadership we also take part in a job.I admit to being a good, not a good job йletmуd. The jуga йs tбrsai a tбvol бlltak tхlem as Makу Jeruzsбlemtхl, mнgnem цsszefutottam Anitбval who made a szemйlyre jуgasort kйszнtett me specifically йletmуdbуl adуdу problйmбs terьletre, then you have already a high ridge koncentrбlva.A kislбnyom йrdeklхdйst showed jуgagyakorlatok irбnt, нgy kiprуbбltuk, how yoga works in a family. Even the abbot was also involved in the exercises, which the family really enjoyed.

Yoga with the kid

How can yoga become part of the family mobility culture?

Everyone is rushing nowadays, chasing time. We are spending more and more time with exercise, as children aged 2-3 years use these tools daily as well. Families spend less and less time together, though it is very important quality time spent together.The children Movement is his vital element: Equally important are large movements and subtle movements. The child must be given space to fulfill his or her needs for movement: running, grappling, sleeping, spinning, spinning, rolling, swinging, playing ball. Don't worry about the kid, he / she knows what he / she needs. It is good for the developer of fine movements to sand, plasticize and draw a lot. Children's yoga takes maximum account of age-specific features, childhood yoga is very different from adulthood.Family yoga, when you play together, you laugh with your child, time runs out. It is not here to do things quickly, to do another hundred, but to the magic of the momentThese are the really important moments. These are the things that fill up and give the most to our children. Family yoga is a great tool for thinking about parenting, as we can learn a lot from kids. By the time you were grown up, we could be forgotten children. Family yoga is a fun, fun atmosphere, with lots of laughs, touches, even and yoga elements. Circus and acrobatic exercises can make the urn, so it can be a challenge for dads.

What Effects Does Childhood Have?

The kid's yoga
  • improves your ability, flexibility,
  • gives you a good posture,
  • develops body awareness,
  • it increases your confidence,
  • reduce anxiety,
  • promotes proper breathing,
  • improves balance,
  • educates you on a healthy lifestyle,
  • increases concentration, relieves learning difficulties,
  • develops mental intelligence.
  • What kind of preparation can you get into yoga without any training?

    There are lots of videos, articles circulating on the Internet, and without proper knowledge we may not be able to filter out what is good for us. Everyone is different, and everyone needs something else. The person in the video may have a gymnastics and easily go into the pose of a man doing 8 hours a day, if you try to do it, you should seriously, And the elements learned there can be used at home and anywhere.

    Is it okay if you don't get a perfect move at first?

    There is no competition in law, not that you are better or worse now than the other. You do not see yourself as anybody else, but with each practice you develop yourself. That's why it teaches you to accept, gives you confidence, and teaches you not to be all perfect. And this is a very liberated sense. Yoga is a constant evolution, there is never such a perfect job. Always the perfect thing you can do at the moment to the best of your ability.Yoga opens gates, some that you didn't even know existed. Also, internal gates that bring you closer to your own self. It gives you the "go-to" effect when it is not important to achieve your purpose, to do things, but how you feel inside. In the strains of time, we just rush and don't miss everything, only after all, that we don't have time for important things.

    How to play with babies?

    If you want to lay the foundation for your child's successful future, you need to start with baby. It is important for the child to complete the developmental movement (rotation, preparation, training, movement) up to 1 year of age, during which the nervous system progresses. It is important that you do not push the wheel too much, like a baby compass, so that you are holding the toddler's hand. We do the most for you by letting more of you make it, to make it to sleep. Your baby will love it when you put it down beside the yoga mat, and when you play, you give me a kiss between the two and a half. If you watch your baby move as you move around, you may discover a lot of yoga, which is no accident.

    What's the ovijuga?

    The ovis have enormous visual power, which is why the ovis is a conscious movement development embedded in a fairy tale that we align with the breath. Нgy children sajбtнtjбk the jуgapуzokat a mozgу fantбziavilбgban aktнv jбtйk kцzben, mikцzben learn egyьttmыkцdni the tбrsaikkal, megtanuljбk handle йrzйseiket, which is an important raw kцnnyebben kйsхbbi a successful, happy йlethez.Az йrzelmi intelligence fejlхdйsйvel create relationships and connections kiegyensъlyozottabbak, harmonious. The Emotional intelligence can be most effectively developed during childhood, and yoga is an exclusive tool. Yoghurts are in the spirit of positive thinking.

    Why is exercise important in school?

    At school, kids get into the school desk. Lots of exercise can lead to poor posture, which can lead to light back and waist pains, and the spinal columns become closer to each other, squeezing and squeezing the intervertebral discs. The disc is like a water sponge. If I hit it, it flattens out, it loses water, and when I give it room, it can saturate itself with fluids. That's how cartilage discs eat. By stretching the spinal axis, we can make space for the cartilage discs, so yoga plays a big role, for example. Preventing spinal problems. Proper posture, exercise, and strong muscles that surround the spine and protect the spine are important for maintaining a healthy spine. plays a role.

    What do you need to pay attention to in court?

    - Warm-up is very important.
    This will protect you from killing. It is also very important to provide longitudinal direction of the spine.
    This plays a role in preventing spinal problems.- It is important to coordinate the breathing movement.
    That's one of the basics of yoga. - Don't force the bushes.
    Exercise loose and light, effortless. Let's keep in mind that kids also have body weight.
    Some bushes can also be made, for example. heads down in a doggy style looking down. - Let's play naked.
    It is easier to play one piece without the sole slipping, as it is a tactile stimulus.

    Why do you consider family law important?

    Family yoga is one of the common activities in which every member of the family takes an active part, and in doing so, everyone finds something that is worthwhile. Huge laughs, challenging poses, happy moments. The state of the art of law yoga is not only about the moment, but it also has its positive effects on a daily basis. Enriches the relationship between family members, gathers and strengthens the family. find your blog here.Related articles:
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