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The Anna Anna Foundation is in tune with art

The main goal of the Dévíny Anna Foundation, which has been operating since 1990, is the specialization of the Dávny Special Manual Technique - Gymnastic Method (DSGM) and motion rehabilitation.

The original and unique method is capable of producing complete healing of about 80 percent and infantile children with impaired nerve impairment due to lack of oxygen in the next 15 percent. Anna was Dйvйny munkбssбgбйrt Prima Primissima dнjat in 2011 and bevбlasztottбk legbefolyбsosabb the Hungarian цtven nх kцzй.

Adrienne Rouzsa, Dourra Sinine and Anna Dévény in the Press Book
The name of the Constitution, the elaboration of the Law of Deeds, emphasized in the press:
"The gyуgyнtбs megйr everything: when бtйljьk the цrцmцt if a child - often sъlyos бllapotбbуl - felgyуgyul йs йlhet full йletet I vбrom that dцntйshozуk felismerjйk this jelentхsйgйt this lehetхsйggel the elmъlt йvtizedekben tцbb milliбrd HUF spуroltunk the Egйszsйgbiztosнtбsnak.. , because we have raised children who would have been in need of state support throughout their lives. "

The key to successful therapy is complex exercise, as well as a special muscle nerve treatment that:
- restores the condition of shrunken and adherent muscles and tendons
- can deliver direct stimuli to the brain.
There were two pressures for organizing the press. One is to present an all-new, professionally-based strategy, with cornerstones of an accredited DSGM specialist physiotherapy program, funding delivery, and clear, demanding communication.
The Foundation - by a small margin - has come to the conclusion that there are physiotherapists in our country who use the Cash method seriously, but to no avail. Children treated with this mуdon бtvйve the Alapнtvбnynбl dolgozу terapeutбk nйhбny kezelйs alkalmбval able to show you have already javulбst, megvizsgбlva cases the kцvetkeztetйst could leszыrni that children korбbbi the Alapнtvбnytуl fьggetlen kezelхi not kцvetik the Dйvйny-mуdszer sajбt tцrvйnyszerыsйgeit, mixed it mбs eljбrбsokkal named . With this in mind, inefficiencies should not be a source of wonder.
However, not only the Alapнtvбnynбl, but almost all Dйvйny-kezelхnйl vбrуlista is orszбgban the success magбйrt beszйl; There are far more pediatric blood therapies than a few skilled therapists could improve upon their condition. The background of the swollen list is clearly the financial uncertainty of the organization.
It is also very important to announce that Dinra of color In 2012, Ambassador has been an ambassador for the Foundation in all its events and communications campaigns.
The artist said what she considered most important:
"If people hбtsу - egyйbkйnt not hasznбlt- memуriбjбban, in addition to lots of unnecessary informбciу elraktбrozуdna is that there is a place where csalбdias, segнtх kцrnyezetben sure gyуgyulбs vбrja Хket, you lerцvidьlne the ъt the megoldбsig because in every minute szбmнt . "
The chief angel helps the Constitution
Formerly a graduate of the Foundation, but with administrators who are independent of the organization, the Foundation has no institutional relationship, and the length of the wish list is a request for support. Again, the Constitution holds itself accountable - as the center of the method - to do its utmost to ensure that the future is similar to the Foundation, a good reputation, and a dysfunctional one. The first step was to create a DSGM specialist database on their website.
Fate brought it a couple of months ago, at about the same time Rouzsa Adrienne, With the "official incorporation" of the Angel of God, a handful of dedicated parents have dedicated themselves to the healing of a handful of volunteered and children.
At the press, Adrienne Rózsa also talked about her plans for the future.
"The szьlхi цsszefogбsban lбtom the jцvхnket. We set a ъton, you have already have New Account website, is Facebook elйrhetхsйgьnk, elkezdtьnk a New Account tнpusъ kommunikбciуt, but it is important to minйl tцbb szьlх join segнtse the Alapнtvбny nйpszerыsнtйsйt йs boldogulбsбt йs the sajбt time tehetsйge йs relations rйvйn ! "
Professionals working with the organization have worked together to develop a new, clear strategy to respond to the above questions, which is aimed at helping everyone in our country use the "Flower" method:
And you can talk
What it means?
The method should be available, meaning that any toddler who could benefit from the method of healing or improvement in the condition should provide treatment. For this elegendх kezelхi kapacitбs be, that is the jelenleginйl jуval tцbb tбmogatбs, which has a New Account finanszнrozбsi irбny the hбttere.
Taken together with outstanding artists, we will be releasing our Jubilee event series in 2012, the first of which will be featured in the title "Tonight's Tomorrow" on the 30th of January, 2012. Thanks to the support of Annie and the Art Groups, this is a fantastic program. Renowned artists such as Eszter Sümegi, vava Pannczel, Tamás Clementis or Anatoly Fokanov, piano singers of the Hungarian State Opera, Dénes Vřrjon and Izabella Simon Simon will perform at the concert. Katalin Volf, Kossuth-dnjas, Dear All, On the First Magistrate of the Hungarian National Ballet, or Rolandon Csonka, Magistrate of the Hungarian National Ballet, the Non-Stop German, who is well known from all over the country, has accepted this invitation, and .
The follow-up to the 2012 Jubilee Series can be followed up with the Anna Anna Foundation.
The Gaelic Jubilee is the Foundation Donate and Donate! program, which can be a part of any company CSR activity.
The Flower Method must be KNOWLEDGE, so that even the unlucky parents living in the last corner of Hungary may have hope that their child everywhere will be able to heal. Fortunately, we are not the only ones who think this way. Dinra of coloras the mother of two healthy toddlers, supports our goals, and in 2012 she was delighted to be invited to the role of Ambassador of the Foundation. Szintйn this website cйlt bocsбjtott ъtjбra elejйn December szolgбlja New Account, fully йs kommunikбciуs stratйgiбnk New Account corporate image. Hereby we ask the media to help us gain awareness with their own tools!
And last but not least, the Flower method must be VERY reliable. And you can only be credible if you do not get in the way of unauthorized people. That is, we will ensure the quality of successful managers in the future. To this end, we are currently working on an accreditation system that will remove unsuccessful managers from recruiting successful ones. As this is under way, we are asking all parents to inquire first and foremost about the people who have graduated!