Ruthenian Blood DessertGluten Free, Non-Refreshing Dessert

You can even incorporate this simple, old-fashioned cake into your diet that you can easily make at first.

1 kilo lean volume, 40 deca blue, a packet of extruded corn bread, but if not gluten free, then whole wheat bread (Abonett), two tablespoons xylitol (black sugar), 2.5 deci cream

Photo: Haralambidou Anthoula

We cut through dozens of extruded breadcrumbs, which will be the sides of the cake slices. We cut off a small corner on the other ten longer sides to keep a triangle of fire cake slices. Collect the cut corners, any spoils, and any residue, and add them to the bulk and xylitol. Eleven beautiful eyes are set aside, the rest are covered and the whole is thoroughly mixed.
Arrange the triangular cake slabs around a large round cake table. For the blue powder, press the whipped cream, lightly roll it, and spoon some of the cream into a press. Each side of the cake is pressed with small strips, and the two narrow sides are fastened to the motherboard from two sides. It sticks easily. The pressure is used to fill the slice slightly on the side panels.
After each slice has been prepared, press the remaining cream into the small hole in the middle. Lightly refrigerate, whisk the ends of the slices immediately before consumption, and whisk them evenly with some whipped cream. The extruded slices are delicate and spicy. People who are just consuming at least one slice a day!