Don't ask when the next baby is coming

Whoever is the first to know knows almost the first question from acquaintances: "when will the next one come?" kйrdйs. Unthinkingly and unreasonably.

Now I'm just focusing on that. How big is this?

Dear friends and relatives, you have forgotten this request! Especially when poor moms were born recently. Let's listen to a mother who is graciously explaining why it is a bad idea to feel in the future…

I'm watching her, she's cool

- 35 ounces of fatigue - and 3 ounces of pushing - I put my son on my chest after all - says a mom on The Bumb Portal. "Before I was born, I heard countless stories about movie moments," he continues, "when you first see your child. But somehow I missed it. Less than 24 hours after I was struggling with breastfeeding, one of the babies gave birth to me. " ? The day after we left the borough, another nurse yelled after me the unexpected sentence: "See you next baby!" the request has met me more than once, and now I'm not talking about cheating and friends, but wild strangers on the ring, at the birthday jury or at the jubilee. , then boom - they ask the question. "And are you planning your second one?" In short? No.But more? I'm pregnant with severe asthma mnak kцszцnhetхen itself was rйmбlom. Hбromszor hцrghurutom was below the 9 hуnap, which ended the third time asztmбs serious attack. I went to the ultrasound weekly to make sure the baby was okay. As I was out of breath, giving birth was a terrible hell. In practice, I was not able to take in enough fresh air to effectively expel. And then there's the tiny detail that I'm not even born 40 years of age. But the truth is: I don't want to take the risk of a complication. The other reason is: I want to take part in the life of my child as much as possible. After all, that child must be brought up. Others may have suffered much greater affliction and motherhood, but I'm not that loose. I'm already trying to bring a child to life on a healthy, healthy basis. And what if your "innocent" question causes you to heal deep wounds? What if I rejected it as an example? What if I went through so many complications that I couldn't get pregnant anymore? What if this one-child flask program lasted for months, made lots of money and was easy? Not to mention, what if we just don't want more kids? Everyone has the right to give birth to a child without having to give an explanation for his decision. Motherhood isn't something for me if I don't have at least two kids. But the truth is, I love being a mother. I like to feel a bunch of fingers on my face. I like to laugh, giggle, and run in the room on the legs of the little loop. I like to see the happy smile on your face. So, dear alien mom of the playground, the request, which seems completely innocent, should not have been put on the property. Instead of worrying about it, and then remembering that I will be sorry if I don't give birth, what if we concentrated on playing with our children, and enjoying it,
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