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Dangers and pitfalls of fashion stores

As with dressing, physique and diets, there is always a trend in fashion. Can We Believe in Trendy Weight Loss Suggestions?

Fashion Libraries: They Do More Than They Use

The TЙT Platform Association and the Hungarian Association of Dietitians (MDOSZ) showcased the relationship between fashion and diet, the advantages and disadvantages of different diets, and their effectiveness.
Just as all ages have their own fashion fashions, so are the fashions that people want to fit. For decades, the slim, athletic physique has been the dominant trend.
However, there is a big contradiction: when society became motorized in all respects, physical work decreased, lifestyle became widespread, never could such a lot of food be bought and consumed by the whole body, and sport. It is difficult to stay fresh, youthful and lean in an obesitogenic, ie, obsessive-minded environment, ”said Erdélyi-Sipos Alnz, dietitian, secretary general of the Hungarian Dietetics Association.
That would be trendy, but not easy to meet: it is underpinned by the rise of overweight and deprived people. The contradiction between our way of life and the suggested body image encourages many people to become interested in fashion because they want fast, readily available, affordable food.
Fashion boutiques are extremely popular and result in the most weight loss. Often, unanimity is achieved by promoting the exclusive consumption of certain nutrients and food groups. There are a number of fashion diets, the most popular being low-carb diets, low-fat diets and high-protein diets.
However, fashion stores have their risks:
  • long-term inefficiency because diet is not compromised by lifestyle changes
  • negative effect on metabolism
  • one-sided raw material logging
  • Excessive intake of some nutrients may increase cardiovascular risk, exacerbate renal function, increased insulin levels, and increased blood levels. Excluding some nutrients can lead to reduced utilization of vitamins (A, D, E, K), impaired immune systems, reduced physical and mental performance. The dietitian is of the opinion that those who are losing just 2-3 kg may want to try, but in the case of obesity, obesity or chronic illness, they should definitely consult a specialist. And because anyone can calculate the BMI index, but the mirror, the centimeter and the balance body fat scales are required, not least Lifestyle Advice too.
    The expert called attention to the fact that eating wells and many stress relievers, but from another source. Instead of eating, changing your lifestyle through behavioral therapy would be helpful in relieving stress through other channels.
    Long-lasting weight loss without harming our health is unimaginable.
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