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Father's Daily Poems

Just as we celebrate our mothers, so do our fathers every year, because the love and care of a father is just as necessary for a child as the mother's.

The Father's daily poem will surely come to kiss

There is one day in the year when fathers celebrate their conscientious work and love throughout the world. The Father's Day it has been held since the beginning of the 20th century and is celebrated in different countries of the world at different times. In Hungary it is Father's Day it always falls on the third Sunday of June, so you can celebrate them on June 18th! How? Teach your child a short, sweet little one Father's daily versewhat your life can say to the big day! If there is no time to study, draw a daddy's doodle and write a poem on the back of the drawing. Here are 10 of our favorites.

Short, dear little Father's Day poems

1.My daddy is the best in the world,
Have a lot with us, I just want to
Dear and love me, i know this very much,
Welcome to this beautiful Holiday Day!
2.My dear father, thank you
To be your little girl / son,
Very good if you're here tonight and I'm really waiting,
To hug me and my mother!
I wish you were always happy with us,
Because we, you, Dad, love you very much!
Happy Father's Day!
3.So the sun is up and I'm happy,
Because my daddy's a little girl / son,
I know you're afraid I'm here for you,
Glory of your eyes, dear little child.
4.Once I'm a father,
I will be like you,
Dear dad, to go to bed,
A fairy tale never leaves,
Whoever carries me around,
Unless the walk is over,
And whoever explains to me,
How the rocket flies.
You're the coolest,
Daddy in the world,
Be happy, Drga Dad,
Today I wish you this!
5.Gabriella Baráth: Father's DayFather's Day greetings to you Father and Father.
I'm flowering now, but I love you very much!
I didn't bring a flower or a delicious beak,
but I brought great greetings, nice words, many tricksters.
Because I know you're writing, not only if I'm good,
but also if I only get sick during the day.
So thank you Father's Day for Daddy,
and I ask you to live with me many, many more!
Happy Father's Day!

Funny Father's Day poems

6.Father's Day morning, I was thinking
Because I'm going to surprise you, my daddy,
I found a fine cold beer for him,
Well I'll take it to you because I know you love it!
Happy Father's Day!
7.Dad, only you can watch TV today,
You don't have to listen to Judit Halab's CD today,
You don't have to wear it around your neck and I'll sleep in silence,
Have a nice day today, I'll give you this, okay?

Long, more serious verses from the Father's Day

8.Szabou Balzs: DadMother has only one,
but Apboul can only have one.
Let's pay much attention to them,
because they are coming out - even today - in the honor of the father.
Remember, it was х who was in trouble
thrown over your life rope,
and even my mother was rocking her factory
he did, but he hovered before your face ...
You expected him to come and you fast
what are you hiding?
She's at the door in the neck,
as he squeezed your head to the heart.
All your words told me
- if planted on a small field -
there was something in the tales
your child's affectionate, pure, affectionate love.
9.Ervin Aranyosi: To be a fatherHow should you be a father,
Isn't it easy to raise a little "brat"?
To teach you beautiful and sea,
esteemed and beautiful, true sadness.
To show the boy the pattern
And give strength to what life expects.
And the girl's father to see him,
what will your las choice be,
to find a past couple sooner
and what kind of values ​​to look for.
How should you be a father?
She loves her well and faithfully.
To carry my little family on the palm,
giving them the whole world.
To reassure someone who's already been into it,
to build a sand quad together.
Dress up beautiful designs, dreams,
and watching the child grow up slowly.
And there is something about it,
and when your day comes to be a grandfather.
How should you be a father?
No one has ever made a real recipe.
In just one way life proves:
whose father you are, you all love you.
10.Gyula Drбvicz: To my fatherThen it used to start,
on that crazy night,
when he saw my face,
and he could hear my voice first.
I knew immediately that I was proud of me,
as you said, baby,
And when he picked me up weakly,
two of her arms gave me both gray and honeys.
It seemed like I was growing up in a shell,
that he or she or she
he has been protected from evil many times,
do not throw ball pen on paper.
Nor does he know that he was raised,
giving everything that went into it,
he took care of my steps
on my journey, bércein.
I'm sorry to say, my dad,
thank you for not leaving,
I didn't do anything to push it further
I have never heard of endings.
Someday I'll give it to you,
what a man can do,
and your two arms will protect you,
whenever I listen to your voice.
And then you'll probably kick in,
that it's just like it used to be,
and you may be even more proud of your words,
I'm a former baby.
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