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Reproduction of moles during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many things change in the body of women, so they can also change in the skin. It is important to pay attention to our moles as well!

Reproduction of moles during pregnancyVerus (31) discovered during his pregnancy that his neck and chest were full of tiny fibroids and discovered a new birthmark in his stomach. Three months after the birth, the screening of the annual birthmark had just begun, so she consulted a doctor.
As all moles on the body were photographed and documented in the past year, it turned out immediately that this mole could indeed have been conceived, and had an extremely irregular shape. The specialist decided to eliminate it.

Moles during pregnancy

Significant hormonal changes and immunotolerance occur during pregnancy, which can lead to the development of a number of skin conditions. During pregnancy, moles can indeed multiply, but in case of pigmentation in the morning, you should see a doctor - he said Prof. Dr. Gabriella Liszkay, dermatologic clinical oncologist, chief physician of the National Institute of Oncology.
Overnight abnormalities are overwhelmingly harmless, and after death can be lost or lost - I have learned, but I have to, rarely - and possibly a malignant tumor.

Who should pay particular attention to their moles in time?

Mothers who have already been identified as at-risk for melanoma should seek medical attention during pregnancy. Those who do not belong to this group are practically much less likely to develop a cancerous disorder.

Are there any priority areas that we need to focus on?

Areas that are subject to chronic abrasion should be given special attention during pregnancy. Moles in the bra line and waistline are the most risky from this point of view, Dr. Liszkay emphasized. Of course, you also have to pay attention to increased protection.

What signs should we look for?

If we find that any birthmark changes color during pregnancy, it starts to grow, is thin or asymmetric, we should definitely apply for a skin examination.Related articles about Pregnancy Skin Changes:
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