She gave birth to 44 children and only 39 years old

The most productive woman in the world gave birth to 44 children up to 36 years. The mother is raising the children alone.

Uganda's Mariam Nabatanzi, the most prolific woman in the world, has an unusually large ovary. This explains why 44 children were born before the age of 36. It is possible that the woman gave birth three times to twins, three times to twins, six times to twins and eight times to a child. During her most recent birth, complications arose and a member of the twin couple died. Her husband has since abandoned it and is now raising her children alone.He gave birth to 44 children and only 39 years old (photo: Alamy Stock Photo) Mariam was only 12 when she was added to a male for a then 40-year-old male. She gave birth to twins one year shorter. It was then that he discovered that he had an unusually large ovary. Your doctor advised her to take a pill, but this caused her health problems, so she stopped taking the pill. The children came in line. Mary was trapped in her life: it was only three days when her mother left her family, father, and five brothers. The father rushed. One stepmother pointed out Mariam's brothers one day, all children died. Mariam only survived because she was just a relative. He was only seven years old at the time. And only 12 when she was married. Mariam wanted a big family at the time of her tragic childhood, but had only six children planned. In Uganda, it is also not uncommon for women to have many children, with an average of 5.6 children per family, but even in Ugandan, Mariam has a record of 44 children. (photo by REUTERS) After her husband left, Mariam said, "I grew up in light and my husband also caused a lot of suffering." He spends all of his time raising his children and trying to make money. Hairdresser, events decorator, earns a living, besides, he trades in metal scraps and medication made from herbs. The influx of income makes up a large portion of the food. The eldest son of a family sustainer, 26-year-old Ivan, is helping him out of school to work. Bigger kids help the smaller ones and everyone helps with cooking. 25 kg of cornmeal is needed daily, fish and meat are rarely eaten. They all work together on Saturdays. "I had to grow up very early, take responsibility. I didn't have any fun, probably no birth. I just want my kids to be happy." (Via