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Preparing for Birth: The Advice of Birth

During pregnancy, we tend to read everything related to pregnancy and childbirth. We try to gather more information about ourselves from books, magazines and experienced mothers.

Preparing for Birth: The Advice of Birth

Csыrцsnй Gödnyny Elizabeth szьlйsznхvel szedtьk цssze the most important, how can йrdemes felkйszнteni ourselves йletьnk - certainly. - One legcsodбlatosabb pillanatбra "When vбrtam the elsх my child eljбrtunk szьlйsfelkйszнtх the fйrjemmel course, the mбsodiknбl hand, you have already not Szьlйsznхmhцz jбrtam regularly kйrdezхskцdni, konzultбlni Emlйkszem ъgy note I.. always to not forget anything. I think it is good for a pregnant mother to know what she needs to count and to prepare her spiritually and physically. Nevertheless, they were surprising, but it was a great help to me and who I trusted to the utmost. And I made this trusting relationship consciously with you during the procuration. " Anettmother of two little boys. "I think, just as Anett did, it is very important for a mother to contact her chosen hospital, doctor, firsthand. relationship of trustwhich will make your mother feel much more secure during your pregnancy and not feel alone when support comes, "says Elisabeth Gzdyńskie Erzsebet.

What is free and what is not expected?

"First and foremost, when a baby comes to me, I always start by discussing how much your need for childbirth and your baby will come before you live." is normal, physiology, a healthy process, not a disease, we should live as we normally do.But the request always comes. What's free and what's not?
  • My suggestion is that it is possible to do sports in public, not competitively, but what's fun, though, is the kind of exercise we used to love.
  • It is by no means a smoking test, for more than one examination proves that, unfortunately, one who has become a mother-in-law to the baby can have a serious retardation, that is, a small weight.
  • You have to get things right. You have to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Many mothers report that they want grapes, bananas, and eat them, so be careful because they contain a lot of carbohydrates.
  • Obviously, it is not recommended to drink alcohol, but once a mother drinks a glass of champagne, the baby will not be harmed.

Physiological changes during pregnancy

"Let's prepare for the first 12 weeks psychic fluctuations jellemzх. One moment we are crying, the other is crying. Almost ourselves are hardly tolerated at this time, but this is also a natural process, you do not have to be scared, it will go away. The most relaxed period in the time of expectancy is 20-30. hйt. The baby is moving, but the tummy is not very big, it does not interfere with movement. Because of the variations in the types of exams it is advisable to take during the year, so are the ones that are recommended by the profession. We find that in an unreasonable case, it is just a matter of extra concern when someone goes to a doctor for medical advice.

Don't stress yourself too much

"It is understandable that most little mothers are most concerned about how the baby will be conceived and how the baby will be born. You have to be prepared to not everyone does the same thing the birth, Just as it is written in the general ledger. It is better to keep this in mind so that you are not disappointed because we are not counted on. We should not stress ourselves too much, because it only leads to anxiety. I used to say, of course, let's read about it, if we think we're watching educational films about it, but don't take it for a spin. It is completely unnecessary to generate extra anxiety during pregnancy, "the expert advises.

Let's be patient

"Of course, anyone who's born before birth may think it's easy to say that! But it's really important thatlet's prepare ourselves in advance that you will need patience when you are in trouble. After the flow of amniotic fluid, it is not certain that the lumps will come together immediately, and it may take a few minutes for the first frost to appear. On average, it can take 12 to 14 hours. Nor is the period of convalescence a lightning fast process, just because it is too much does not mean that we can hold our baby in the arms for a few minutes, as it moves from millimeter to millimeter in the birth canal. So you need peace, patience. Anyway, a meditбciу, one good lighting technology, which we can regret during my maternal yoga, pilates, and apply on the day of my birth. "

Let's include the prospective daddy!

"In any case, let's prepare for the and share with our couple information received. If you are a father, then it is a good idea, but it is worth discussing in advance whether you would like to lose the cord or what he / she wants and wants to help during the pregnancy. They should not be neglected, your dads must be prepared spiritually for the event."


"It is often the case that a pregnant mother comes up with a birth plan or insists that she does not want to undergo surgery. It is also good to have a relationship of trust during pregnancy, because you can accept the advice of a specialist, for example. most parents are afraid of her in the first place. We do not routinely use it, only in public when appropriate. It is really important that who's next to usto be able to trust him, because parenting is a very intimate thing. You have to believe that what the specialist suggests is oursbecause he does not want evil. You have to know, feel safe, even if your doctor even decided to have a cesarean section. "

Pain relief during childbirth

"I think it's important that the parent knows what's going on with her. You have to be prepared to deal with your parenting pain. But that's normal. It's strange to say it that way, but you have to be afraid of the body. Oxytocin is produced, and birth is OK when a pregnant woman is in pain. It may also come to the point where we are not pregnant and we are asking for pain relief.With the potential for pain relief let's also be clearer. Natural methods can alleviate your pain. Experience has shown that warm water alleviates pain in mothers and helps mothers to recover. In the event that you get it done, let's look for an institution where you can get involved in a case, for example. There is also analgesic medicine, these are worth asking your doctor for advice. "

Field visit at the birthplace

"Getting ready for a baby also means getting to know the birthplace. Where's the nursing room, where to wash, and where to find the rest of the room. We have to go. By the time we enter the institution, we will be tuning in a little while for the moment. "

The care of the newborn

"In the preparation phase, we should definitely be concerned Newborn care, nursing, breastfeeding from the very first minute. Numerous good picture guides show mothers who are pregnant with their first child and who have no experience what they will do with the baby. Even before the cord is cut, we place the baby on the mother's chest. help with the first breastfeeding pillanatбban. Milk craving can be unpleasant, but it is worth thinking positively about breastfeeding itself that it will be a wonderful, intimate moment in our lives. "Related articles in parenting:
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