Singing Soothes Babies Most Effectively Than Speech

Most comforting baby babies are the kind words they choose, but a new study says it is much more effective if the mom or dad sings more to the little one.

Music has an enormous impact on our mood, our mental, spiritual and even our physical presence. If you hear a cheerful number, you can feel it lightly, and it is common for us to move our heads or beat our feet. , Music and Language Center staff from Montreal University. "The lack of movement for the little one raised the question does music really entertain babies. Previous research has proven to a great extent that music and speech, or singing, arouse the interest of little ones, but we have been looking for the answer to how their feelings are affected, "he said. Isabelle Peretz, one of the authors of the study. The study involved babies between 30, 6 and 9 months. In the first story, they talked to the calm babies, played a recorded speech, or listened to turkey music. Therefore, non-native music was chosen so that the speech or voice of the parents would not influence the reactions of the little ones. In the meantime, the babies were listening to music and speech, even though the first signs of crying were not being felt on them. It was found that the effect of the music on the dolls stayed calm for most of the 9 minutes, while the talk time was only a few minutes.

Singing soothes the baby

In the second half of the experiment, the conditions were similar, but instead of Turkish music, they were played by their moms. Even though babies remained calmer in this case (for about 6 minutes), they were always more easily upset by laboratory conditions (empty room, dull lights, lack of play, etc.) than when they were listening to music. According to the researchers, this is due to the baby the rhythm of a song is more attractive than its lyrics.The popular, playful, rhythmic children's songs and sayings have a very good effect on the baby, entertaining and soothing.They may also be interested in: