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According to your talk, I am a double mother, but it is also a double job to be a twin mom. You will soon experience the double play, since it is truly unhappy to carry two (or more) babies in the tummy at the same time. But do you really need to do double work this time?

twin Club

Okay, if we make a difference between being a first-child and having twin parents who have already had bigger siblings. If the twins are the first, the mother must be aware of the importance of breastfeeding, nappies, breastfeeding, and bathing at the same time.
Whoever has a child is more routine, but for a moment you can not forget the greatness of your suddenly brothers and sisters who can be rightly shocked, and therefore requires more consideration than usual. Either way, the situation is not easy, and books for twin moms do not start by advising take care of help in a timely manner.
Put your pride that you alone can do well, put it aside for a while. You will soon realize that your hands are short and very short. Many times, you will also find it invaluable to take away one of your baby dolls and make them pay while you feed the other. A check-in, a run-in to the pharmacy, a cooked dinner for you, or just a safer sensation for a waiter to take you to the medical office mean a lot to you. even when you welcome your baby, your baby and your comfort float in front of your eyes. Rude or not, in the first period, only accept vendors who are "helpful", do not expect to serve, and do not share unwanted advice. Conversely, it can be helpful to talk to your buddies, more experienced twin moms, because in addition to getting good ideas from them, you can be aware that nothing else is easy. Avoid being far away from having a three-day dinner every day, having an immaculate order, and having a baby at the age of one week is good for the night. He's actually from another planet. Or don't tell the truth.


If you are alone and have to deal with one of the babies, but the other one does not, and your throat is torn, don't panic. I know it is easy to say this, but if you are sure that you have nothing but impatience, then say the good dakota proverb to you: the baby is talking to friends in the spirit world.
A wide armchair or armchair can greatly facilitate both rocking and feeding at the same time. As long as the twins are small, you can easily catch up with them and not have to worry about getting up and down the room. You can rock with us on rocking chairs, but don't be surprised to find that you fall asleep yourself. You should take care not to fall out of your hands. Twin moms are very insane. You will also quickly find out how to use your free feet to rock the baby lying in the baby carrier or rest while feeding or sleeping the other.

Evening routine

At first, bathing seems like a big challenge, but you will get into it soon! We are sorry for the secret: you do not hurt if you do not allow the next baby new water, and the majority of twin parents will, from time to time, realize that nothing will go wrong if it is a little looser. Ideally, bathing is a kind of conveyor belt, that is, even if one of the babies baths in the safe arms of the father, the other can be diapered and moved by the mother, so the evening routine can be reduced by half. And they can go wrong. But here's another request!

Where to sleep?

In the vast majority of cases, twins are not disturbed when siblings start to get sick. They explicitly need each other's proximity so they can sleep together peacefully. But if you have a flutter underneath the mattress, it's better to invest in a small one. You can also use a flare monitor that has the sensing portion attached to the baby's belly or diaper so there is no obstacle to sleeping together.
For a good few months, you can expect babies to eat at night. Therefore, it is most comfortable for both of them to sleep in their parents' room until the age of half. The following are worth thinking about when you have become familiar with them and your own abilities. A lot of water runs down the Danube until then…
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