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Room Cleanliness Tips for Gentle Parents

Room cleanliness is a very important step in the lives of young children. Some people are easy going, some who have a long time to give up their nappies. Both cases are completely normal and natural.

Girls and room cleanliness

When it comes to room cleanliness, many people think the girls are smarter. Pediatrician Scott J. Goldstein also told that the girls would be a few months older than their counterparts at the same age. But that does not mean that they are not distressed by room cleanliness, and that there are no babies who do not dislike the potty and remain more nappies than babies. . There will come a time when your child is ready to clean, and it is unnecessary to urge him. The parents have a lot to do with the process of choosing a room. If you have a baby, you need to pay more attention to a few things. Why, you can read below. But let's start with a good news: if you have a girl, you will not bother as much with purity. Because the girls are looking at the party, the toilet, so their little ones will never run down the pool and toilet, down the carpet or the bathroom floor or on the side of the closet. Then what are you to watch out for and how can you make your baby's life easier? Get some of our helpful tips below!

1. Observe the correct peeing position!

If your little one is peeing on a party, make sure that the soles should be on the pad. If you are in the toilet, place a foot or bench under your foot so that your feet will rest on it. It is important that your pelvis should be horizontaland, inadvertently, your buttocks down the area, because then some urine can flow back into your vagina during peeing and will only disappear when you put on and put on your clothes, which will be so pissy.

2. Teach him the proper cleaning techniques.

Always front to back save your baby. To master the perfect technique, practice on a baby doll. It is very important to have the right direction, because if you have your baby back from the front, you will probably not get any bacteria into the urinary tract. Forget the wet wipes, because their chemical content can disrupt the natural mucous membrane of the vagina. Smooth paper is perfect for your little one. However, you should make sure that you wash your hands with soapy water after every drying, bilize.

3. Prevent infections!

At the beginning of room cleanliness, relatively many babies are taking some form of infection down there, improper technique because. Unfortunately, if you postpone yourself in the aftermath of a cataract, you are unlikely to get bacteria into the vagina.Signs of a vaginal infection:
- frequent urinary urgency
- painful urine
- Gagging sensation between peeing
- Blood urine
- Fuck
- Transition
- Frequent cleaning of your room after cleaning If you experience the above symptoms on your baby, consult a pediatrician.

4. Let him choose!

Go to the store and let them choose colorful panties. Do you like Minnie Mouse? Or the Jogger? Then buy it! If you can wear the panties he or she has chosen, you prefer to buy the pelvis.

5. Add some extras as needed!

There are countless books to help you quit your pelus (eg Papa Pelus!, Hurray, party games!), And you can even buy baby dolls at play stores, which are sure to keep your baby happy with room cleanliness. But you can buy him a party that makes music if his little owner pees. This is what many small children do. And, of course, the grace you saw on your face when you succeed in bilibe pisilnie.Related Articles:
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