Stress and Fertility: This is related

Women who are babies, especially if they fail to conceive immediately, tend to blame themselves for not conceiving. But what is the truth about stress and fertility? Is it really good advice to "don't sting"?

Those who are more difficult to conceive or may need medical attention may tend to blame themselves for this, for example, with sentences like this:
  • "I can't do it because I want it too much"
  • "this is my punishment because i have worked too hard"
  • "I was too worried about money and exhausted my body because of it"
  • "it's all because I can't relax"
  • "I have a conscious awareness of abortion 15 years ago and my ovary is simply off"
It may be a natural act of trying to regain control over your life (even if you consider yourself a mistake): However, this is not only a sacrifice, but it is not true.How does stress affect fertility? According to research, stress in pregnancy is undoubtedly a source of stress, but it is not possible to say that the other way around is that stress is responsible for infertility. TermŠ¹szetesen, physical and emotional stress can affect the hormonal system or the menstrual cycle, but our body is working to improve that. At the same time, the "emerging" fertility problems due to a stressful event probably started much earlier, but we were just not aware of them. Just think: even under the most stressful conditions, or even after terrible conditions, women are able to become pregnant if there is no physiological barrier. If the human reproductive system were really as sensitive as the "do not go round"Level-level advice, I suppose humanity would be extinct. It is also worth noting that stress itself has no effect on fertility, or even the quality of your oocytes, can lead to bad habits that have a clear effect on them. Many people who are in stressful situations are fleeing to alcohol, drugs or drugs, smoking, or unhealthy foods, fertility restoration.Some good advice if someone wants to reduce stress and thus ease conception. These can be especially important for those who go through fertility treatments.
  • Let's accept that we have no influence on the malta and that we can shape the future only partially. Let's try to live in the moment and always deal only with the problems we are facing.
  • Let's make it clear to our partner and family that we are not responsible for the situation. Ask your partner to come to see you for medical examinations so that he or she can be clear about your health.
  • Although it may seem a good idea to quit your job if you lose your fertility treatment, you should only do so if you want to leave our lives and be financially secure. Unemployment-related changes often do not provide "comfort" at all, but can only be seen as another source of stress. In addition, a well-established routine reduces stress and work can distract us.
  • Play and laugh are the best natural stress relievers! Let's do a crossword puzzle, socialize, watch a funny movie - according to a researcher, if we spend ten minutes a day laughing and having fun, we can reduce stress by up to 50 percent. Similarly, sports can have a positive effect on our health.
  • Remember: friendship with us is the closest and most important! Instead of constantly beating and punishing ourselves, be as mature, respectful, and supportive as we would be with a good friend!
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