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Child molestation is spreading again in Africa

The dreaded poliovirus is now re-emerging in Africa, and in principle, a fully-fledged type: the virus is not "wild", ie, does not spread naturally, but is a life-threatening effect of a previous vaccine.

In Congo, an old vaccine caused recent infectionsSo far, 29 cases of infections have been registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, So viral infection cannot be called bulky for the time being, but it is also cause for concern - it is indexed. Two years ago, polio was reported as a cause of medical advancement after blackheads this is another awesome course that has been completely wiped out.

In our country there was a higher infection rate in the mid-twenties

In the 1950s, Hungary also had a major poliovirus infection, at that time, 20,000 children became ill - many people from the far side of the virus suffered a life-threatening disorder, many of whom suffered from iris. At that time, half a million people worldwide died due to the virus In the wake of childbirth, the release of the Salk and then the Sabin vaccine has been a huge success. Prevention is particularly important in the case of child molestation, because there is no cure for the disease. After the introduction of the vaccine, the number of patients has fallen to such an extent that In 2016, we announced that in the very near future, it would disappear completely from the Earth, And at most, only a few labs will keep polio viruses out. Infections usually only occur in the worst areas, where mass immunization cannot be solved, mainly due to political instability - it is also so important for Unicef ​​to administer vaccines to all children worldwide.

They are also orally vaccinated

However, in Congo, there is currently a vaccine that is currently causing new disease.The vaccine is big in the world, especially in the poorer part of the world, because this procedure is much cheaper than the emergency. The vaccine contained all but a weakened version of the polio virus: the wild type 2 completely disappeared from the Earth in 1999, so it is not included for 2 years because there is nothing to protect, so it is an unnecessary risk.However, the virus found in the oral vaccine is capable of recovering and re-infecting under poor hygiene conditions. Fortunately, it is very rare for a vaccine to cause illness: according to the WHO, between 2000 and 2015 a total of 760 cases occurred, while billions of children have been vaccinated. In Congo, new infections are basically due toin some areas of the country there are still many unvaccinated children, who, had they been vaccinated in time, would still be healthy. The disease has spread due to the withdrawal of the old type vaccine: this was from the pre-2016 dose, which was just replaced to prevent it from happening again.

Infection can end in Africa

The attenuated virus of the polio vaccine has reappeared in virulent Congo and is capable of spreading again:according to recent news, a case has been reported not only from the former, narrowly infected area, but far from it, close to the Ugandan border. Today, Congolese vaccine-borne infection is the clearest threat to polio outbreaks in the world, according to Michel Zaffran, WHO's global leader in combating polio, and experts believe, should also be kept from a sophisticated African polyfertilizer.Related links:
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