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5 Top Tips Against PMS

The premenstrual syndrome does not believe in women, but in a truly unpleasant, painful condition. Symptoms of PMS can be treated, dr. Dr. Spoke about the causes and possible solutions. Demjin Laszlo, Oxygen Medical's maternity hospital.

5 Top Tips Against PMS

PMS can cause symptoms

A staggering proportion of women, close to 85 percent experience the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome throughout his life. Certain factors also predispose you to this monthly return problem:
  • Between 20 and 40 years of age.
  • Depression in the family is prone to depression.
  • Postpartum childhood depression or other mood disorder.
  • The causes of PMS are not fully understood, and the key to finding a change in hormonal status and chemical changes is obvious. However, certain vitamin deficiencies and certain lifestyle factors may exacerbate the symptoms.
The symptoms of PMS can be quite serious. Most typically it is idegessйg, the lehangoltsбg, that alvбszavar, the mellfeszьlйs, the increased sugars, the puffadбs And the express mood disorders, "hysterics" disturb women - emphasizes dr. Demjén Lszszlou, Oxygen Medical Birth Cure.- It is believed that there are drugs (such as suppressing ovulation, such as estrogen and progesterone production) that can also help with nausea. However, it is up to the patient and the cuneiform to find the right solution.

5 lifestyle tips against PMS

1. Physical activity
A cardiomyopathy for about 30 minutes a day has been instrumental in maintaining hormone balance and reducing PMS symptoms.2. Getting Started
  • It is worth reducing or eliminating caffeine and alcohol intake.
  • It is recommended to avoid processed foods, white flour and sugar. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the fiber intake from vegetables, fruits, di-fruits, wholegrain cereals. Omega-3 fatty acids can also help, its sources are mainly sea fish and linseed.
  • Ideal for a three-course meal, but three hours before bedtime is not recommended to eat.
3. Dietary supplements
Symptoms of PMS can be alleviated with evening primrose oil, magnesium citrate, calcium citrate, vitamin B6 and omega 3 fatty acids.4. Stop smoking
The older a lady is, and the more family-friendly the PMS is, the more prone smoking is to the severity of complaints.5. Stress relief
It would be important to find a stress relieving method for those affected, whether it be meditation, yoga, massage, alternative methods or just the big walk.Menstruбciуhoz