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It is a banal disease, but due to its frequency, it affects everyone once or more a year. In infants and young children, a clogged nose can cause serious problems and exacerbate other conditions.

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For young infants who breathe almost exclusively through the nose, cataract may also make it difficult to feed. What can we do at home to make this situation lighter, heal faster? Freezing upper respiratory catarrhal symptoms are most often caused by viruses. It spreads through the air. The essence of the treatment is to relieve the symptoms and prevent any possible events. Keep the baby child at home. Wash your hands oftenand let us get used to it, especially after nosebleeds.Maybe stay alive, or look for a place to get busy. Larger children read, listen to stories, draw, do this with their parents, so you have the experience of communicating with him, we know how uncomfortable he is in this state. The catarrhal, in many cases, a cold child, tells me what he feels like, for example, a three-year-old acquaintance said, "I am finnish."Breathe often! Do not open the window on a sick child, take it out of the room for a short time, or move it around so that it is not exposed directly to the cold air.Pбrбsнtsunk. A simple solution may be a large surface pan filled with water placed on the heater body or a water pan. Higher humidity can relieve mild cough and prevent rhinitis from drying out. We often monitor the child's body temperature. Nettle often causes fever and fever, which, as a general rule of antipyretics, must be ameliorated physically and physically above 38 ° C. Always have a flame retardant at home! These drugs not only reduce the child's body temperature, but also relieve pain, for example, they also have a very beneficial effect on the scraper throat and head.Make sure you get air in your nose. In infants, use a soft cloth or tap to wash off the nasal shells and apply ointment to prevent skin rancidity. Carefully remove the nose from your nose with a manual nasal or nasal pencil available from your pharmacy. If you have a viral infection, you should find a clear, cold, rash, if you have a yellowish, rhinitis, because it can be a sign of an infectious disease due to bacterial infections. Use a tissue that is discarded after each nose. So, properly nose your nose by catching one of the nostrils on one side and "wet", blowing out the air heavily on the other, and then the other one on the other. We also recommend the use of nasal ointment. Use nasal drops only after nasal cleansing and nasal cleansing. If the baby's nose is cold, the nasal drops can't work. How do we drip? Let's put the baby on the back, asking for help from a restless baby. Attach one of your palms to drip the forehead and the baby head folded slightly backwards, one drop at a time - head left to head right, right head to left nostril. After dripping, lift the head slightly or take it to the arm and soothe it. Make sure that no amount of nasal drip enters the child's nose, as this may cause coughing and upset. Larger children, with the head folded back, perform nasal drip administration. After instillation of the two nasal passages, by tilting the head slightly forward, we can ensure that the active ingredients of the nasal drops are absorbed on the large surface of the nasal cavity. Keep your child's medicines outdoors whenever possible. Also check the expiration date! If the nasal drip is removed from the refrigerator, slightly warm and rotate the two palms of the palm of the hand to mix the solution.We often watch small children with small amounts of fluids. Swollen stools, and impotent, drowsy children due to difficulty breathing, often make it difficult for them to consume the necessary fluids and diets. Your diet should be easy, get lots of fruits and be sure to consume plenty of fluids. It can be fruit, tea, lemonade. Always perform nasal cleansing before eating! For babies, this is of particular importance, as nasal cleansing and nasal drip administration can provoke lymphatic drainage! gyуgyszerek (analgesics, dandruff, vitamin supplements) consult a physician or read the information as they are used either after or after prolonged use. But careful parenting can help your child a lot during the couple of days while these very unpleasant symptoms disappear.They may also be interested in:
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