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Grill the whole family!

The summer barbecue party is a great opportunity to introduce your baby to new tastes. For example, the red scarf!

Grilled chicken with onions and onions

  • a whole chicken leg
  • a whole chicken breast
  • two bunch of onions
  • two bouquets of baby dolls or six to eight larger sizes
  • Grilled chicken with onions and onions

    Elkйszнtйs:The weaker raps are cleaned and can be baked together, the larger pieces are cut in two lengthwise. We can cook the onion at the same time. The greens will stand without any spice, but if you wish, you can water them after grilling. The chicken breasts are washed and cut into thin slices. We also fill out the thighs, then shower, grease them and roast them on the breast.More tips:
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