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The 17 most common parenting errors

The educator comes with a lot of responsibilities and many more requests. We've collected the tips of a family psychologist.

What are some of the most common mistakes in parenting? Do these lower mental or physical conditions affect my health? A fatherly-n Mike Leary family psychologist summed up his experiences.

1.) We offer too many choices

Many parents think that it is good for a child to have the choice, even though the currency is, with so many opportunities to confuse them.

2.) We praise everyone

There are astonishing numbers of children who praise. Also, if one or two good parents don't do something, they won't do it.

3.) We want to make them happy

To be happy is their business, not ours. You can never make a child happy.

4.) We are extremely lenient

For those who allow much, let's think happiness is profit itself. This is a dependency and never-before-seen hotbed.

5.) We book them too much

Mostly with sports. Many parents think that different occupations are good for their children, but on the contrary, they often fall out of their minds very quickly.

6.) Yeah when the tool is finished

To a certain extent. However, this can lead to your child being arrogant, thinking that he is above everyone.

7.) Strict religion can give you good values

As long as the pattern and holiness are not discovered in the family, the card will not collapse. Afterwards, however, it was on the wall.

8.) Not to talk about sex

Many parents are simply incapable of talking to their child about sex, although it would be more than useful.

9.) Be critical

It is easy to assume that constant, intensive monitoring can promote success and thus the happiness of the child. But the truth is that young people who have been brought up in this way become addicted to full-fledged sports, whatever their goal. It is difficult and dihhens to bear failure.

10.) To defile, to punish

Let's not even pretend that your child can be deprived of love by doing something. Unfortunately, many parents use this method, although dark successes in the child's soul can easily develop due to short-term success.

11.) To do things that are not appropriate for their age

In my Praxis, I had many patients who had to take care of themselves and younger siblings at the age of one. Later, they consciously have no children, saying they have raised their families.

12.) Shield control

It doesn't matter if you have a TV, a computer, a video game, a smartphone, or any gadget. I know a family where mother and child are muttering to each other permanently, thus excluding everyone and anyone who wants to enter into a relationship with us.

13.) Let's not get bored

Many parents think that the child has to be constantly tied up or have fun and their job is to prevent boredom. However, the child never learns how to unlock creatively.

14.) Protect from Loss and Consequences

Many parents buy a load of play games and just about everything a child desires, and they are surprised if the child does not respect anyone or anything. Yet, for us all, the lesson and experience of losing it is the most important lesson we can avoid.

15.) Don't let it be dangerous to play

Crouches studying in forest schools will be much less sick, more balanced, and will get along much better with their peers.

16.) Don't ask them before sleeping

Even if we spent the whole day together, ask before going to sleep: what was your day, what happened to you today? We wouldn't believe it, but kids are much better at sleeping and more likely to love them if we show a little interest in what's important to them.

17.) We do not read

Reading a fairy tale requires silence, peace, and the imagination of our child. Everything that opposed the paratrooper is in fact owned. It is perhaps superfluous to brush up on how important a little fairy reading can be.Related Articles:
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