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The placenta, also known as the placenta, develops gradually during pregnancy. Aging is a natural process, but you only have to worry about it very rarely.

The cure of the hide

The bedsore gradually develops and becomes its final shape by the week of 14-16. At week 14, she feeds the fetus, provides oxygen and excretion, and also produces hormones. The pride Aging is a completely natural process, just like any other organ. The difference is that the leaven gets older much faster. Butter veins are calcified and then occluded with the progress of pregnancy, which is a natural process. The Degrees of Maturity or classes from zero to three:
0: Smooth uniform structure. This is approx. until week 25. From now on, the butterfly will start to get old.
1: Slightly wavy surface, lime granules close to the fetal surface. He begins to write, ie calcify.
2: Free-floating, the castings move over the maternal surface.
3: A terrific pastry, whitewashed settlements. That is, the mortality rate is increasing. The older the pie, the less it can provide for the fetus. THE ill-treated diseases (diabetes) and a wrong, unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, drinking) And genetic factors fortunately, severe butterfly rarely develops to cause the pregnancy to end. Further articles:
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