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Artificial fertilization has an effect on blood pressure

Children conceived with artificial insemination have a slightly higher blood pressure than the average, according to a study at the Berne University Hospital.

Artificial fertilization has an effect on blood pressureThe first flask, Louise Brown He was born in 1978. Artificial insemination has since opened the door to childless couples. However, animal studies and studies in humans suggest that the procedure can have an impact on the health of the child. However, science has little information on the long-term development of risk factors.Emrush Rexhaj And his research examined 54 healthy, average 16-year-olds who conceived with artificial insemination. In the control group, they compared 43 naturally conceived men. The difference may seem small, but even such a small difference has a great effect on the risk of developing a heart attack and heart disease. One year earlier, researchers had examined these same children at an average age of 11 years and compared their results with those of a naturally occurring child. Early signs of early-onset disease in children with IVF did not appear, although there was no difference in blood pressure. These took years to appear, Emrush Rexhaj noted. However, since the research was conducted with a relatively small number of contributors, IVF children
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