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What most people know badly about childhood abuse

The Journal of the American Medical Association has recently raised the issue that skin prevention should begin as early as 6 months.

What most people know badly about childhood abuseAn earlier recommendation was made in 2012 that suggested patient education on melanoma prevention and sun protection from the age of 10.

Patient education is the key to prevention

In the spring and summer, children looking from the stroller are often protected by only a tiny cap or possibly an umbrella from the strong sunlight. And on the beaches, young children are sanding on the beach even in the strong sunshine of the South, because we trust the dual-effect 50-day sunblock to protect them. The professional organization warns that especially in families at risk because of the development of clear skin, it is very important to inform parents about the sun, which should be started by children starting from 6 months!

Why is sun protection important since childhood?

Melanoma does not develop from one moment to the other - emphasizes dr. Rouge Annambria skin doctor, doctor at the Maternity Center. Skins that have suffered during the ages add up, so that even young adults are more likely to have melanoma who did not have adequate sun protection in their childhood. Parents should literally inform parents about the rules of safe sunbathing, but older children, from the age of adolescence, should also be able to use sunscreen properly.

The most common mistakes about childhood abuse

1. You cannot burn off in browns
It is an exhilaration to think that you can go on a sun-drenched walk in the sunshine with a young child if you like the stroller on the stroller. One part only provides UV protection from sunshade or clothing to protect against the sun's rays; I went in for a nap
The use of wearing creams is essential if you are outdoors. Starting with the appearance of the first rays of the sun since spring, it is recommended that children be supplied with factor 50 products. However, it does not matter what sunday you try to protect your skin if you do not use it properly. In order for the cream to work properly, it should be applied to the skin of the child before going outdoors and then re-applied periodically if you are on the beach, in the water or if you are sweating hard.3. The solarium is safe
Brown leather fashions continue to grow, with solariums popular among adolescents and young adults. However, the professional organization is better at avoiding artificial "sunlight", and it is important to raise the awareness of the age group that the regular use of solariums increases the chances of developing the skin.4. The test is enough
Young people's attention should also be called to the home examination of birthmarks. Melanoma can also occur in high school, so you can detect moles and other abnormalities in the skin as quickly as possible and have regular medical check-ups. The йvenkйnt legalбbb once elvйgzett full testtйrkйpes anyajegyvizsgбlat segнtsйgйvel follow kцvethetх exactly all vбltozбs, can lйpni нgy idejйben if йszlelьnk problйmбt - says Rуzsa doktornх "szбmбnak the melanomбs cases nцvekedйse intх signal to be hнvnunk attention to the йvenkйnti anyajegyszыrйs fontossбgбra. so that younger generations are well known for the importance of prevention. "Related articles on mole issues:
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