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The country fell into disrepair on Children's Day

On the World Children's Rights Day, UNICEF Hungary's call has been followed by a number of iconic figures in the capital and other settlements after sunset.

The country falls on Children's Day (photo: Katalin Kabai)The Dissertation calls attention to the Convention on the Rights of the Child 30 years ago and to the fact that 41 million children in the world are in need of immediate help at this time. For many children, drinking water and adequate nutrition are also unpredictable, as armed conflicts require more and more child victims each year. Mыcsarnok is also down (photo: UNICEF)
In Budapest, on November 20, the UNICEF celebrated the celebration of Lanchand, the Hall, the Palace of the Arts, the Q Building of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Duna Plaza, the Hotel Clark Chain. Gyor, The Jedlik Bnyos Hond (Photo: UNICEF)
The Village Hall, the Home of the Authentic Feasts and the Conference Center, the Tarkpark Residential Park in Biatorb, the Great Forest Stadium and the Great Forest Water Park, The Tight Tower in Sopron, the ART HOTEL SZEGED in Szeged, the Tisza Balneum Hotel Tiszafüred in Tiszafüred, and the Voroshza in Zalaegerszeg. Szeged, ART Hotel (photo: UNICEF) Oroshбza, Fyrty (Photo: UNICEF)
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